Women, What Did You Learn From the Movies?

Motion pictures have been instructing us classes for his or her whole historical past, gently suggesting and outright lecturing us on reside. They train us be good or very, very dangerous. They train us smile and flirt, struggle and give up. They train be a person, be a lady.

Motion pictures are an area for goals and for fantasies, together with those who typically make us uneasy, squirm or rage. In case you are a lady, you most likely have puzzled whose goals are these, anyway? From “Snow White” to “Gone With the Wind,” movies have taught us that girls are to be kissed, at instances even violently. Different films, from “Halloween” to “Gravity,” have taught us that girls can deal with themselves. They struggle and survive. (And typically get a success sequel, too.)

We want to hear from ladies about what film made the largest impression on them, good or dangerous. Your solutions could also be included in an upcoming article.

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